Listen, I'm a street scribe who writes minerals
My pen is a carver of time, I scribble icicles
Look how I style it out, Mowgli with an ice pickle
Bright enough to blind eyes, it's a shiny sickle
Straight from the jungle of Slough, they once fired pistols
and brought commuters to a halt like train line signals
My autism is a Christ symbol
I suffered and gave up my life for these sheisty, narrow-minded kinfolk
The way I express my charm, it's just, like, simple
1 +1 stuff, but these ******* minds are cynical
Remarkable rhymes that hit you like saliva ripples
And by "saliva", I mean water, you mindless cripple
Motivated in the spirit, that's a vital issue
And each single bone is godlike, call it Bible tissue
**** with a child, I'll make all of your disciples miss you
and bury all of your ideals and your privates with you
I'm at the apex of my game, flying like sky missiles
when they're launched high into outer space, Simon, it's simple
Yo, my science bonds like your DNA
More rewarding than your awards at the VMA's
My crew's more built than your Mom's MPV estate
Finer than your Nissan P-R-I-M-E-R-A
Your click may be strapped with gats
But I'm strapped with the armour of God, my faith casts my enemies away
You're in my yard like the Phenom would say
It's a game of ball with a legend, sweetheart, so you can cease the play
Think you can read my heart? Darling, read away
and I'll read yours, I'll tell you all that I need to say
So you can gossip with your sweetest mates
about how I can't get along with your team of fakes
Yo, I can't even figure what's real
My uniqueness or the fact that your quips are ill
And by "ill", I mean sick, that's li-ter-al
Like disgusting, the way you take a ****, for real
You hit, you steal - to pay all your big blue bills
You bitch, you kill - pretend that you are built of steel
A bunch of panderers in jackets sipping pimp juice still
Going round looking for a bunch of chicks to fill
You hypocrites will, never stop until you are filled
Keep screaming and bleating, I just wish you'd chill
Getting big for your boots, you're too quick to spill
lies and rumours, like your strawberry Innocent swill
Ha. Listen, toots, I'm not having it
Always on this rapping ****, smoother than your handkerchiefs
You can sneeze all you choose, you little faggot chick
I'm just going to walk away from you, have a fantastic trip