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Empty Bravery
-shout at the devil

Lucifer has left so i've taken the throne
Low and behold cackling trees and wind homes
Shattering hope with only whisperer gold
Shackled and told hearts of dyer truth grow old.
Facial is sold to equator left murderers
Pugilistic hurdlers focal moon as our furniture
You've never heard of us but blatant in description
Deception with precision; occasional masked vision
Parallel decryption to debarred creations
This is my nation where we redefined mutilation

She has garnished nothing but lies,
Was told where evil subsides- out of it good will rise.
Swatting nothing but flies; mosquito dream emphatic,
Starts to panic draining souls foamed across the planet.
City of satanic deeds dwelling in darkness,
Barbed wire harness; she could show truth of what dark is.
Breathing the hardest.
Secrets rest in her skeletal closet,
But to some exposed with her emotional faucet
So in honesty she is painted the darkest.

Abundant with pride yet with reluctant abeyance,
Torn transience; my will misunderstood so try and define it
Actions misguided no righteous thoughts round this noose
Fused with a thorough bruise too loose for me to accrue
Winds blow hot; eyes brewed from tormented shoes
Try and fill 'em you fools if you willingly dare to lose
Pot hidden your stewed; ready to feast on you
Emotional stooge with carcasses only half screwed
Battered a crude left in a box; I'm a tool
Swimming in pools of mortal innocence imbrued.

Crushed mortality she loosens her grip
But tightens her lip so even a whisper is missed
Spoiled and tense left overdue and in expense
Spends her left in death a treacherous road she still steps
Not feared none the less soaks pain like a sponge
Leaves her emotions hung but life to her is done
Traverse lisps tongued with creational hollows
easily borrowed but time in the end is hard to follow
Hurt sorrow broken marrow so she cant smell tomorrow
She lives in today making the future hard swallow

I have come to wits end with devious dents
Bent for perceptual reasons to be sent
Hence the emotions drenched in the ocean
Where blood motions the ravine of compulsion
I twitch to expulsion with insanity laughing
I take in the bashing it's too much for me...(gasping)
The air I'm packing derails my cognition
I'm on com-mission paid only for wrong tuition
Clogged vision complexed knots forged for safety
All have raced me but the finish line is hasty
For people to trace it; I leave happy not angered
Farewell to the standard freedom is a hard earned manner.


i am Mr.Write just forgot my damn password lol

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this reminds me of my ol' work - about five years in my writing venture.. dope though.. muchly appreciate the imagery and time lapse.. lol kill it that was dope..


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