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#86679 - 03/28/13 10:07 PM .:Who's Pissed:.

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This addition?
This is an edited Ren-dition
The Confirmation…Still a Confrontation
This station; NO hesitation
My slant, call it a rant…Call it critical
Gone A-political. The party where I can and you can’t
The one where I will…period
NO, there’s NO peer wit-it
I’m gonna steer wit it
Believing the Saints gonna put the fear in it

The right way to The Way, via Ancestral Permission

But this one is about your Road to Perdition
Your problems are Science and Fiction
Your language, my diction
Call it culture. Call you vulture
The most truthful depiction

Great Grand Souls, they used to have it Sewed-Up
Now hold up!
When you, The Hackers rolled up
Should’ve put the toll up; the Anti-Cold up
Tried to get us to fold up
Such is the story of the kidnapped
The kids who napped, who got trapped then slapped

Got cheated, teased, tortured and left feeling defeated…The Middle Passage? We had to eat it
Our animosity is Deep Seated
NO Throne-Stolen Home

Son, Fuck-a-Rome

We tackle you; you get face cleated
D-leated…Better for me, can’t beat it
But I’d rather chill, seek Peace, get weeded
Yet our migraines are the continuous weathervane
The Cure? The Un-curse?

Can it get worse?

In the new frame wit directions to a better plain
In the new frame perhaps a single place of pleasant plateaus
In the new frame pleasant people who’ve seen how it goes
Got that flat nose. Nice bodies with good tones
Donning our capes to escape the insane
Particle by particle; grain by grain
In the new frame…staying incognito
NO need for the fame
YO, *such & such, we know Your Game
You live to not give so…you’ll die for The Flame
Assuredly you’ll die in The Flame
D’evils of that evil is all one and the same

Still be Name-less after you’re hit with that pain
See I know your numbers. The ones that you’ll claim
Nothing but takers – fallacious muckrakers
Premium pussies, the long-term-back-breakers
Fascist cannibals calling yourself bakers
What’s your interest on them 40 acres?


What’s Partisan is Polar…like to send you Solar
Bulls Bears; Big Ones. Heads-capped-off each emergency
Such has been your long-stupid urgency
Your trajectory Wit them drones we see and don't see
Cordoning off any & everything Righteous
But I’m here to Right This
That’s the test if we gonna exist
Gonna end right here, Cuz…you got the gist

Who’s pissed?

rhymes beats & safety

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