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A tree in fall weather always moves me into deep thought. The way it sheds it's old appearance with no care, it's never afraid of change, never afraid of what it becomes.

In the summer, its branches are full and always takes in comments from the passersby on its beauty, knowing in December it won't be able to shade a single soul nor will anyone admire it profusely. Never once does it feel worthless yet instead keeps focused on the oxygen it provides all year round and for that purpose, it keeps living. Its nature makes mine envious. I become jealous of its strength.

My imagination gets the best of me and in my mind I transform into what's before me. I imagine what it is like to stand as strong and confident as the bark of a tree with it's roots firmly grounded and without any elusive thoughts to corrupt what I'm meant to be. My many branches are stretched in full praise of the God who created me. Happiness consumes me with certainty that the Lord is shining down on me with joy and approval because there is nothing I can do to disappoint him. My contentment is contagious, attracting families to picnic underneath me with almost no ability to contain their laughter and smiles. Squirrels and birds are sheltered by my very make up. I am powerful and useful. I am worthy and loved.

Who can destroy who I am? Other than a man with a brain, a heart full of greed, hands that cradle a saw and the muscles that executed the very initial thought that caused me to be chopped down.

Powerless again, in my human form, I stare at the bench that I occupy alone. My sullen behaviour seems to work as a repellent which has left me in solitude. As I walk away, I shake my head in disbelief of how I can always come up with a way to kill a positive thought like an antibody in sight of bacteria. I question whether it is a blessing to be human, a blessing to ration?

Taking one more glimpse at the tree, I come to the conclusion that it can't be a blessing at all.

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