Judgey Little Fuckiní Eyes (A Rant)

Judgey Little Fuckiní Eyes
Is it safe to assume they fondle me?
I lean more towards unlikely
But lo and behold they still seem to hit me

Kind of like numerous needle pricks
And why am I not scared of shit
But those eyes, all those fucking Eyes
Find me frightened

Maybe now Iím confirming Iím sick
Must be it

Because even though no ink was used
To tattoo on to my arm these slits

As much as they conjure Whatís really suck to forget

Actuality perceives the more so art than scarred

Art that I did and so what
so what if itís stamped stupid

Memorial to show it happened
Canvassing I got past it
Doubtful a handful of those eyes
All those fucking eyes see that shit

And a question to self about a fuck I should give
Because as long as I am to live

This is me
This is me
Crazy but not really
This is me crazy strange in silly me.
Writhed sore and my own reality

Sometimes veers manic
As if configured with what would be equivalent
So an on off switch
Dare I say way too often
Sort of short circuit type of glitch

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